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About Libeco Lagae

About us
Our group is composed of a variety of companies all dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of high end linen and linen products.

Our mission:
- to offer the widest range of linen fabrics and products of superior quality
- fast delivery through a strong stock policy and logistics
- creative designing, weaving and stitching
- information on linen in general and how to care for it
- a sound working environment where each employee is a key element in our organisation
- new production methods respecting the environment

The companies in complete ownership are:
Libeco.Lagae NV is located in Meulebeke, Belgium - a small village - between Bruges and the French border. This region has always been known for its flax culture and prosperous textile industry.

The company is a result of the merge of two traditional linen weavers: Libeco founded in 1864 and Lagae founded in 1858. Since the merge in 1997, the company has grown steadily and today accounts for more than 6o% of total Belgian linen production.

Libeco Home is a division of Libeco.Lagae and is specialized in manufacturing and distributing high end household linen and exclusive fabrics for retail and the contract market. It has its own stitching operation in Meulebeke.

Libeco-Lagae Inc is our company located in New-York City servicing the Northern American market for Libeco Fabrics (apparel), Libeco Deco & Libeco Home.

Libeco Home Stores NV is a Belgian company dedicated to the promotion of a " full linen concept " in retail and E-commerce.

The companies in partial ownership are:

Van Acker NV is a stitching operation specialized in very high end bed and table linen. They focus on custom and personalized stitching and embroidery.

Verlimas NV is the expert partner for dyeing and finishing of linen. Founded in 1920 as "Blanchisserie de Courtrai".

Lineo, founded in 2006, is a young and innovative company specialized in the use of flax as a reinforcement in composite products. Lineo wants to offer with the use of flax an alternative to the use of polluting and non-degradable fibers in composite structures.

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